Something I Want to Say

Hello and Welcome, and i know its a bit late but Happy new year. i know its been a very long while since i update this blog, but i feel like after what i said recently, i thought i need to make this post. now, a couple of days ago, in my most recent podcast -which you can see here- i said that i am no longer will be a fan of the AKB48 group. and yes, i do not making that up, i really am no longer a fan of the 48 group, but not for the reason that you might think. yes, a part of it is because of the clusterfuck that the 48 group is in right now, but that is not the only reason to why i no longer a fan, and i'm going to elaborate what i say on that episode here.
i've been a fan of the 48 group for a while now, if we count my JKT days, i'm already a fan since 2013, and being an AKB fan since 2014, most of it dedicated to HKT48.
But in 2016 something change, the group is not as enjoyable to watch as it used to. AKBingo is not as fun to watch as it used to, their singles start…

My Trip to Jak-Japan Matsuri

Hello and welcome to another post, this time i'm going to do something a little bit different, i'm going to tell you guys about my recent trip to the Jak-Japan Matsuri that was held in Jakarta from the 8th-9th of September 2018. small info, this year Jak-Japan Matsuri mark the 60th anniversary of the Indonesia-Japan diplomatic relation and its also the first time that the Jak-Japan matsuri held a Indonesia-Japan music festival. the festival features quite a few high profile artist from both Indonesia and Japan, there's Sukima Switch, Kiroro and of course AKB48 from Japan. and from Indonesia there's JKT48, Raisa, Isyana Sarasvati, and Andien. and there are also a couple of Indonesian and Japanese underground idol also participating.

Anyway, i set off to Jakarta on Friday September 7th. i went straight from my campus to the bus terminal where 5 of my friend were waiting. at midday after we did our prayer, we got on the bus heading for the town of Bekasi which is at the …

Jikochuu de Ikou! Impression

Hello and welcome to another post, this time we're going to talk about the new Nogizaka46 single Jikochuu de Ikou. i know its a bit late, i have to wait for the Spotify version of the audio to be released before i can make this, so yeah that's my excuse. anyway enough of the excuses, let's just get to it.

Jikochuu de Ikou (Senbatsu)

As usual, we're going to start on the main song. Saito Asuka's 2nd solo center (3rd overall) and its another summer song. after the absolutely brilliant Hadashi de Summer in 2016, Asuka finally center the summer song of 2018, and its pretty alright to be honest. ok, its not anywhere near as good as Hadashi de Summer, but its still pretty good, i like it, i like the summer rock feel to it, the chorus is pretty good, a solid song i have to say.
The MV is also very good, they filmed it in Vietnam. i think for the most part it looks great, i can tell that a lot of the shot in it was taken in one take so they can get the best reaction possib…

Top 10 Nogizaka46 Music Video

Hello and welcome to another post, this time i am going to rank my Top 10 Nogizaka46 Music Video. this is a list that i really want to do for a long time, and it really does take a long time to make because i have to watch and take note on literally every single music video Nogizaka has ever made, and there are a lot of it, 88 to be precise (as of 20th single) (not counting NogizakaAKB and SakamichiAKB). also, i study stuff like cinematography, directing, editing and other stuff related to video production in university, and i also have produce a couple of short film. so making this list is actually a very good learning experience for me and i hope i can share what i know with you guys through this post. anyway, enough of the chit-chat, no one interested in my back story so let's just get on with it, for this list i will only include the MV up to the 20th single (i know the 21st single MV's are out, but i haven't got time to really watch them all), collaboration MV like t…