So, Keyakizaka46 finally release their full music video for the song Eccentric, first i have to say, when i watch it live on "The Music Day" a couple of days ago, i'm really struggling to like the choreography. i don't know, i mean, i appreciate them for going all out and be different (like the title eccentric), but at the same time i feel that for a group that consist of only girls, this kind of dancing is not very (and i hate to use this word) girly. granted, most of their choreo isn't what you called girly either, but this is on a different level. having girls spreading their legs wide open and doing some weird movement is, well let's just say its disturbing, i guess that's the nicest way of saying. you know people say that there is a thin line between genius and insanity, well this is right on the edge of being absolutely crazy.
the MV on the other hand, well that is a masterpiece, if you haven't watch it here's a link
now i have to say that i have a little bit of experience in cinematography and i can say that this MV is beautifully shot, and not just that but every scene in it has a story. of course its not perfect, there are  some misses here and there, for instance the scene where Neru open the window, somehow the rain cloud manages to go inside the room, because that's where the water is coming from, but aside from those minor detail there are a lot of thing to look out for in this MV, here are some of it

First, the shadows

as you know, zuumin (Imaizumi Yui) cannot participate in the making of this MV because of her hiatus, but that doesn't mean that we can't see her, well at least her shadow. now, there are some part where she supposed to sing but because she's not there it is replace with some shadows, most notably in the first part of the second verse, where there is a figure singing into a microphone. and there is another one, this one is a bit more subtle than that one

in the first verse, you can see there is a vacant seat next to Watanabe Rika, and yes you guessed it, it belong to Imaizumi Yui, but there is something else, notice the shadow on the blackboard in the back, yes that's her. you may thought that that shadow belong to yuipon (Kobayashi Yui) right? but no,if you look where the light source is from, you can see that its coming from the right and in front of them, so it can't be Yuipon's shadow, and its also not Berika's shadow because (a) its to far and (b) it doesn't match her figure. andif you rewind it just a little bit, you can see another figure next to that shadow, that's yuipon, the one in the middle of the shot was the shadow of Imaizumi Yui.

second thing to look out for is, The Fall of The Kingdom of Mona
this mini story is probably my favorite in the entire MV. in the first part of the song you can see Shida Manaka sitting on what can only be describe as a throne, up high, on top of everybody. but as the song progresses, you can see the scene where they're spreading rumor which eventually leads to the fall of Shida and the rise of Kobayashi Yui. very suiting to the theme of the song

third thing to look out,  Neru's three monkeys.
part of the second verse, you can see Nagahama Neru being surrounded by other members, and those other members is either, covering their eyes, ears or mouth, this is a reference to the three wise monkeys
it means "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil", again this is very suiting to the song, which is about being different, doesn't care about what others think and say. this is not the first time that the 48 or the 46 group uses the three monkeys thing on their MV

fourth thing, the W-Watanabe staredown
a lot of people talk about this one, Watanabe Rika and Watanabe Risa on the opposite side of of a railroad crossing staring at each other. this could have a lot of meaning, these two girls is basically the two side of the same coin, they have very different personality, and one may think the other as the weird one and themselves as normal. again very suiting to the theme. and oh by the way, that stare is amazingly creepy and i love it.

fifth and final thing to look out, the raindance.
this is purely for the artistic side, the scene where they dance while getting drench with water, is just so beautifully taken, doesn't matter if its the one in the hallway, in the classroom (or teachers room), or the final bit in the large i guess its a mess hall (and again where is that water coming from?), its just very nice to watch.

i know there is a lot more moment in the MV that i miss, like the one where yuka's path is block, or the final part where techi is looking at the distance, and many other.
all in all, this MV is one the best that Keyakizaka46 ever made up until now, its deserve the hype it gets, personally i think its their second best one just after the W-Keyakizaka no Uta MV, and the Futari Saison MV in a close third. maybe i should make a list on the best MV.....

But for now, this is Delta
Over and Out

Credit to AKB48 daily and the people from Stage48 for the picture and also to Jeremy Tan youtube Channel for the Video


  1. What an article! Really great writing.
    I have learned a lot from this, especially the part about shadows.

    I really didn't notice it at start (that the shadow of in the classroom belongs to Zumin). I thought it belonged to Yuipon, but your analysis actually makes a lot of sense.

    Thank you for sharing :)

    1. any time. and thank you for the comment, i appreciate all the responses i get..


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